Yes8SG is hosting a big event this New Year

Chinese New Year is going to be a fun by the event organized by Yes8SG, best online casino

Singapore: Yes8SG is organizing the big event for players and customers this Chinese New Year 2020. However, all the Singaporean’s is going to enjoy the event and share the joy as well as happiness with each other. This is the best way that the casino holders are welcoming the New Year with all their customers. On the other hand, this event is going to be held with the collaboration of the key opinion leader. The casino is all set to hold all the activities of the program.

With all the loyal customers the casino is going to celebrate this New Year. No matter the customers are new or old they are going enjoy the New Year. The KOLs are going to promote the event on the social networking account on instagram profile. This is the way that the customers will get attracted towards the activities that the casino is offering to all the customers. The customers are going to enjoy an incredible time with the online gambling casinos. During the celebration the casino is all set to bring exciting activities and prizes.

It is all the more done with the hope to bring prosperity and happiness among the customers of trusted online casino Yes8SG. On the other hand, the casino holders are bringing this new way to get connected to all the non-citizen customers of the online casino.Apart from this, this event will be good at building a bridge with which the customers can connect to the instagram profile. This is due to the arrival of the key opinion leaders that the live celebration will be promoted in the social networking sites and all the broadcasting channels. The promotion is also done on the official website of the trusted online casino, Yes8SG.

Moreover, there are many highlights with the event. Some of the highlights of the event are as follows-

  • Host of the event – josephy li, sabee, wenxian, and tzegian
  • Chinese New Year 2020 celebration
  • Winners are awarded with the exciting offers
  • Interaction with the key opinion leaders

The key opinion leaders are the social and market influencers which are giving their effort in making the website of online casino popular among the players. This is the way that the online casino Yes8SG gets popular among the players. Apart from this, the best online casino is having best surprises for their loyal customers. The rewards offered will be goodies, jackpots, free spins, prizes, and more on the event day. On the other hand, the players can get access to the winner rewards by playing the game of their choice with the website.

Wenxian Huang is a powerful social media influencer who is very active on Instagram. She has more followers on her Instagram profile wenxian1015. Another person who is going to catch all eyes on the event is an angel ambassador, sabee. She is also an incredible influence on Instagram. She works as a freelancer and lots of people on Instagram are following her. The presence of this singer, artist, and model on the platform of Yes9sg, a trusted online casino, will further add charms to the Chinese New Year celebration.

On the other side, the Chinese New Year will be going to be a fun for the boh the loyal customers as well as the players who are going to join the casino for playing different games. Yes8SG is the number one casino which is dealing with all the activities with the first time by all the expected new offers. These all he things are going to make their day.

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And with the upcoming New Year, the casino is bringing a new wave in the casino industry by promoting their efforts on Instagram. Their safe payment methods and unlimited games plus bonus made them one of the best online betting Singapore platforms.Their users are going to be further increased. Their live promotion of CNY will be done by none other than the popular social media influencers.